A personal message from IVP Wayne Madden about his candidacy for the office of International 2nd Vice President.

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IVP Wayne Madden

I am Wayne Madden speaking from the beautiful Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum.  My hometown, Auburn Indiana, is known as "the Home of the Classics". 

Some of the most beautiful and well designed automobiles ever made, were built here in  Auburn.  These automobiles  were built  with solid craftsmanship and by individuals with a strong work ethic.  

These cars became classics, not only because of how well they were built, but because of their elegance and style ; these vehicles were some of the most innovative ever produced - they were ahead of their time.

The qualities, that have allowed these cars to stand the test of time, are some of the same qualities and values that I grew up with here  in  Auburn; values that have shaped my life. 

These same values and qualities make Lions Clubs International the premier service club organization in the world today. 

Today I stand as an endorsed candidate for Second International Vice President; pledging that I will work with our team of Executive Officers and International board of Directors to energize our great Association through improvement of our membership and leadership programs, improvements that reflect our diverse geographical areas. 

 Also working to continue to seek and enhance our global partnerships that will enable us to remain the obvious solution to helping people throughout the world. 

I will continue to contribute my time and resources, to our Association, in advancing our "We Serve" responsibilities .

As a candidate for International 2 nd vice president I ask for your support. I have a World of Experience and am ready to SERVE”

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PID Wayne Madden
IVP Wayne Madden at the Auburn Cord - Duesenberg Museum in Auburn Indiana