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If you wish to order Campaign Pins or make a donation via U.S. mail, send check or money order payable to Madden 2012 to Campaign Treasurer PDG Ed Souers, 17002 Darling Road, Woodburn, IN 46797. Include address and item(s) you are requesting.

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For Lions that are interested in supporting IP Madden’s campaign at a higher level, we offer three beautiful etched glass campaign plaques; the Heritage Level features an Irish Crystal Lion. These four additional giving levels are payable in full, or in pledges payable in up to fours years, we request a minimum of 25% down.

Auburn level $250 Donation

Cord Level etched glass

Cord level $500 Donation

Dusenberg level $1000 Donation

Heritage Crystal Level $ 5000 Donation


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IP Wayne Madden
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Wayne Madden was born, raised and has raised his family in Auburn Indiana. Auburn is known as "The Home of the Classics". Some of the finest automobiles ever produced were built in Auburn in the 1920's and 1930's. Today these vehicles are some of the most prized classic cars available. These cars were the result of farsighted engineering along with solid craftsmanship and workmanship; cars that were innovative and ahead of their time. These are the same values that have shaped Wayne Madden's life.
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The Madden 2010 - 2012 Campaign is being primarily funded through individual and club contributions; To Commemorate Auburn's heritage the following individual giving levels are available to all Lions:

Auburn Level Collector Pins:

Auburn Pin $25 Donation

Madden Campaign Cord pin

Cord Pin $50 Donation

Madden Campanign Dusenberg pin

Dusenberg Pin $100

Madden Campaign Pins

Get All three pins for a $150 donation

To just make a donation to the Campaign for International VP Wayne Madden use the button below