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Many individuals have witnessed the dedication and share IVP Wayne Madden's vision.

Here's just a few who have given him their endorsement.

IVP Wayne Madden
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Endorsements for IVP Wayne

Click on each name to see a copy of the

complete letter of endorsement sent to

IVP Wayne Madden.

To send your endorsement to IVP Wayne click here for contact information.

PID Joe Marcheggiani:

"You possess all the qualities necessary to serve Lions Clubs International in an admirable manner as an officer. You not only have the academic training but your many years in the fields of education and business has taught you that successful outcomes result from careful strategic planning, directing the implementation of those plans and monitoring the performance. I have observed you employ this process as a District Governor with the result that your District had the first plus in membership in 17 years . "

ID Doug Lozier:

"I remember that you worked tirelessly to have a membership increase in your district, which did happen. You led a mission trip to Honduras with other Lions in your district. Because of your leadership during your governorship, you were selected to become Council Chairperson. I remember your leadership in dealing with tough issues such as our state convention management and in selecting MERL chairpersons that year. "

PID Marcheggiani
ID Lozier